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On Time and Present

October 2011 by Jay Burke, principal

AIS VoiceLast month I strained my lower back when lifting heavy play equipment alone. I was hospitalized and away from school for 2 weeks because of a back hernia. Thanks to God, people’s prayers and loving care, the pain is much more manageable.

During my time of rest, I realized the importance of protecting my own body. The bible refers to the body as God’s temple, and we are to take care of our own self. Developing and maintaining good eating, sleeping, exercise and hygiene habits are some basic areas to begin. What area of your life needs adjustment to care for your body more? I hope you will make changes now so you won’t need to be hospitalized like me.

I realized that while absent I missed much important information. For children, being present and on time at school is important in the following ways:

1. Usually, children focus more keenly in the morning.

2. Children can greet friends, play and establish closer friendships.

3. Interruptions to the lesson are minimized.

4. Avoids the risk of falling behind.

Some absences due to sicknesses and emergencies are inevitable, we are trying to encourage students to attend school and be on time. Please help us to develop good eating, sleeping and hygiene habits at home so all students can enjoy a fun, healthy school life.


Jay Burke, principal