Ashiya International School Building Firm Foundations

4-1 Yoko-cho,Ashiya


2003 April 8-Ashiya International School opens

AIS opens with 3 teachers and 4 students as an extension of Mikage International Preschool.

2005 Summer VBS program kicks off

The first official summer Vacation Bible School program starts gathering over 80 children and youth assistants from around the world. Joins ACSI as a member school and chooses A BEKA as the main curriculum to properly teach English and phonics.

2006 July - Accredited as a foreign school

Hyogo prefecture accredits Ashiya International School as a foreign school, the fourteenth of its kind in the prefecture and first in 10 years. Gains membership in the Association of Foreign Schools in Hyogo Prefecture.

2007 May - Second building opens

The governor of Hyogo Prefecture and mayor of Ashiya City commemorate the opening of the school’s second building, adding bigger classrooms, meeting and play areas.

2008 SAT-10 Adopted

The school adopts the SAT-10 test to monitor academic performance alongside a global standard.

2010 After School English Program Begins

An after school English program begins for kindergarten graduates who enroll in Japanese schools.

2011 Combine Operations Under One Roof

MIP fully moves to Ashiya and offers programs for 1-1/2 year olds. Planning to expand afternoon, evening and Saturday programs by 2012.