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Mission and Vision

What is the mission and vision of Ashiya International School (AIS)?

Mission Statement - To provide the opportunity for students to become globally competent, culturally aware, multilingual lifelong learners and influential leaders, to develop a well-balanced heart, mind, and character and to be established in relationship with Jesus Christ. Vision - Creating the most progressive, private, Christ-centered international school in Japan for people of all nationalities.

Safety and Demographics

What safety measures are taken at AIS?

The school invested in a steel gates and fences in 2009 to improve external security. Internally, fire and earthquake drills are held regularly throughout the year. The low student-teacher ratio also contributes to close care and quick response during accidents.

What is the approximate student-teacher ratio?

Although varying at each level and throughout the year, the average is about 6:1. The student-staff ratio is about 4:1.

What kind of cultural demographics are represented in the AIS community?

Over half of our students are from Japan or neighboring Asian countries. Recently, we have seen more American, Indian, Korean and mixed nationals due to international marriages. We aim for teacher demographics that represent a variety of backgrounds, nationalities and cultural flavors.

Schedule and Programs

What is a typical day like for students?

AIS follows a three-term school year system, with start dates, end dates, and breaks comparable to a north-American school calendar. All regular classes begin at 9:00 AM. Kindergarten 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. (Play, bible story, songs, crafts, phonics, reading, writing, lunch, story, games) Elementary 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM. (Reading, bible/life skills, critical thinking, English, math/abacus, lunch, science, PE, art) PM care ends at 5:00 PM (English play, songs, crafts, nap, games)

Are there specialized programs outside of regular school hours?

A PM Care program designed for children ages two through six runs on school days until 5 p.m. Elementary clubs are usually offered once or twice a week, lasting about an hour per session. The Summer School program is described as a two week day camp inspired by Lifeway’s VBS curriculum. Activities include stories, music, crafts, games, Bible drama, art, water play, outdoor fun, a lunch program, and field trips.

What opportunities are there for parental involvement?

The Parent Teacher Association(PTA) and School Council(Council) are venues for parental involvement. These groups strive to provide such things as a forum for constructive exchange of ideas, support for families, support for school events, and to create a better learning environment for all.