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We believe that encouraging independence is an important method of teaching young children. It is our goal to train the child to begin experiencing the joy of personal initiative, responsibility and accomplishment during the kindergarten years. This is the philosophy that Mikage International Preschool, our mother school, taught since 1964 under the motto, “Help me do it myself.” Another important aspect of teaching children is discipline. Our goal is to teach children to have an appropriate understanding of and response to authority, and to begin practicing self-discipline in certain areas. We believe that education is for life and that God has given us some important lessons for living. Daily Bible lessons, songs, and stories are used to provide children with life skills, wisdom, and values to begin to make good choices on their own.


Kindergarten 3 (K3)
This class follows a monthly thematic instruction schedule of developing language skills and enjoying new experiences. Focus areas include phonics and English conversation, singing and rhythm, physical movement, arts and crafts, daily routine, proper habits, and values of friendship and cooperation. Class events throughout the year incorporate Japanese and western cultural activities. At the completion of this class, students should be able to speak in phrases and answer simple questions in English, identify and trace letters, identify simple shapes and colors, and count to 20.

Kindergarten 4 (K4)
This class builds on the academic and life skills of the previous year and adds values of sharing and listening, mathematical concepts, thinking skills, presentation skills, phonics, reading, basics of writing, social studies, being responsive to personal needs and speaking in complete sentences. Students further develop the practice of knowing how and when to behave appropriately (kejime) and friendship. Students completing this class should be able to follow two-step instructions, answer questions in short sentences, write and spell their names, identify names of the letters of the alphabet, count to 50, and write dictated numbers.

Kindergarten 5 (K5)
The K5 class is busy enjoying the last of kindergarten and preparing for elementary life. Learning areas include the values of honesty and empathy, increased mathematical concepts, thinking skills, presentation skills, phonics, reading, writing simple sentences, social studies, responding to others’ needs and speaking in complete sentences. Students completing this class should be able to follow three-step instructions, explain what is happening in a series of pictures, write their name and simple sentences using upper and lower case letters correctly, read blends, generate words with the same sounds, count sets of 10, and order concrete objects from smallest to largest. Students fully completing this level are awarded a kindergarten diploma certifying readiness for elementary education

School Fees


Sibling Discounts  50% off Application and Registration fees for siblings
 10% off Tuition for siblings(the lower amount is discount)

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