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The elementary students mainly use ABEKA* textbooks for their studies. Students spend the majority of their school day learning core subject matter content including English - phonics, grammar, reading and writing; math, science and social studies. Bible memory, art, music, physical education and health & manners supplement instructional minutes. Upper grade level students also work on developing critical thinking skills, keyboarding, computer literacy skills and creative writing.

As in the kindergarten classes, vertical integration is part of the regular school day. While not working on level-specific content, students spend part of the day with children of other grade levels. This provides an opportunity for individuals to learn from upperclassmen and also establish leadership skills as they guide younger friends.

An ESL program was established in the fall of 2015 in response to the increasing demand of English Language Learners (ELL) wishing to enter the elementary department.

Why we use the ABEKA Curriculum

We believe that textbooks serve as the core academic tool of the curriculum at a school. Therefore, selecting the right materials that are in line with the philosophy of the institution is important. Below is a list of the reasons we chose ABEKA, but the most important reason is that what ABEKA ultimately wishes for a child to learn is what we hope for our students as well

      1. Written from a Christian perspective
      2. Develops a strong foundation in both academics and character
      3. Proven successful since the 1950s
      4. Written by American expert educators
      5. Includes hands-on activities, challenging exercises and purposeful repetition
      6. Makes learning interesting and memorable

EL(reading)  EL(experiment)



Standardized Assessment

In the spring, a standardized test (TerraNOVA or SAT-10) is administered to all K5 and elementary students. This allows us to track each student’s learning progress based on an educational standard of North America and compare results with other children around the world that are learning in English.

Having standardized test results can be helpful when students must transfer to other international schools in Japan or English-based schools in a foreign country.





School Fees



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Sibling Discounts  50% off Application and Registration fees for siblings
 10% off Tuition for siblings(the lower amount is discount)


Application Form

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