Ashiya International School Building Firm Foundations

4-1 Yoko-cho,Ashiya

School Logo means:


The shape of the logo is a wheel, composed of a center hub and four spokes spreading out from it creating a cross.

The hub represents a solid core of spiritual growth, and the spokes represent mental, social, physical and emotional growth. A balance of all growth areas is necessary for a well-rounded person to live a fulfilling life.

Light is apparent in the background behind the center hub, representing the presence of God. Light is the first thing God created and a representation of His being and character. The light serves as a reminder of the truth that God is never far from us.

The dove is a symbol of peace and of God’s Spirit. Doves have historically brought good news to people. The color white is symbolic of purity. The key of wisdom and understanding hangs around the neck of the dove, illustrating our school verse.

The 4 E’s etched on the rim encapsulate the educational philosophy of the school. The words Equip, Encourage, Endure, and Excel are active words and the school community aims to put these into practice daily.



Equip others with the wisdom and knowledge that begins with God and is necessary for proper spiritual, mental, social, emotional and physical growth.


Encourage others to discover their strengths and gifts, improve their weaknesses, develop independence and gain confidence.


Help others endure tough times, as constructive response to difficulties can strengthen and build character.


Inspire others to excel, to reach for their highest potential in all areas of growth, and to develop effective, influential, multi-lingual leadership skills.