Ashiya International School Building Firm Foundations

4-1 Yoko-cho,Ashiya

Graduating students' parents contribute a banner

In describing this K5 graduating class, we chose a fruitful tree, which we call the "AIS tree" because it reminds us of how our children have blossomed during this past year. The K5 class became avery close knit group of friends. What a blessing to see them become such (CARING) caring individuals, helping each other through class work, activities, and school performances. They are such a (JOYFUL) group, always laughing, full of energy, and good humor. And finally, they are (INNOCENT) in the way they trust others and have such a simple, but unquestioning faith in God. So, we put these three characteristics: CARING, JOYFUL, INNOCENT on the 3 main branches of the tree.

Our message, which is from 1 Peter chapter 4; verse 10 in the bible, is written in the ground because God's word gives wisdom and guidance to our children as they grow. Their teachers names are also on the ground because they have provided knowledge, correction, love, and encouragement to help them grow. Firmly planted in this good "soil", we believe that our children will continue to flourish, as they discover their unique abilities and how best they can use them in the world.

Rather than using traditional fruits, like apples or oranges, we chose to represent our children by something that illustrates each one's unique personality or talent.


“Building Firm Foundations”

The school strives to maintain a school foundation based on Judeo-Christian values. We believe that all wisdom and knowledge ultimately come from God. The values and principles that determine how we discipline and teach each student come from the Bible and our motivation to love and care for others comes from a living and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Build firm foundations in students so they become happy, confident, knowledgeable, and well-rounded individuals.
Instill a sound spiritual core in students based on Christ-centered values that guide their moral decisions.
Invest in students to become multi-lingual and multicultural.
Send out lifelong learners who strive for excellence and develop into successful, influential leaders.

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Oldest International Preschool in Kansai

Mrs. Y. Burke opened AIS as an extension of Mikage International Preschool, the oldest of its kind in the Kansai area.
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Our Staff

We embrace the diversity of a multicultural community that results from the sharing of ideas and backgrounds...
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Using Christian education teaching materials that keeps learning “lively, interesting, and memorable.”
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Events & Activities

Students enjoy the various activities throughout the year, especially the Fall Festival, Christmas and Easter Celebrations when parents get involved.
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Children enjoy playing in the sand, rolling on the grass, or running in the playground covering over 200 square meters.
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Our students enjoy learning activities in English and have proven high achievement.
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